Next-Gen Smart TV Revolution: Android TV, Google TV, Toshiba & VIDAA, and Vestel Fire TV

Next-Gen Smart TV Revolution: Android TV, Google TV, Toshiba & VIDAA, and Vestel Fire TV

New Horizons: Android TV 11.0 Conquers Living Rooms 

Android TV, the popular operating system for smart TVs, undergoes an exciting update with the introduction of Version 11.0. This new software version brings a wealth of improvements and features that elevate the television streaming experience to a new level. 

One outstanding feature in Android TV 11.0 is the support for a variety of apps. With a wide range of applications, users can further enhance their smart TV experience. From video streaming services to games to productivity apps – the choices are nearly limitless. 

Another exciting feature is the integration of Google Cast. With this function, users can easily connect their smartphones or tablets to the television and effortlessly enjoy content on the big screen. Whether it's photos, videos, or music – sharing content becomes child's play with Google Cast. 

Additionally, Android TV 11.0 offers seamless integration of Google Assistant. With the voice control function, users can conveniently control their television with voice commands. Whether it's finding content, setting reminders, or controlling smart home devices – Google Assistant makes television smarter than ever before. 

With Android TV 11.0, new opportunities arise for users to personalize and optimize their television experience. This innovative software version promises to transform the living room into a place of entertainment and convenience.

The Future of Television Is Here: Google TV Revolutionizes the Streaming Experience

Google TV, the latest development from Google, promises a revolution in the field of television streaming. With an innovative user interface and a wealth of features, Google TV sets new standards for how we watch TV.

At the heart of Google TV is a completely redesigned user interface developed based on Android TV. Unlike traditional TV platforms, the focus is no longer exclusively on various video-on-demand apps and providers. Instead, Google TV pulls content from a variety of sources and presents it to users in a clear and appealing manner.

Another highlight of Google TV is personalized content and recommendations. Based on users' preferences and viewing behavior, individual suggestions are made, making the TV viewing experience even more enjoyable and exciting.

Especially for families, Google TV offers a dedicated children's interface that creates a safe and entertaining environment for young viewers. Parents can rest assured that their children can only access age-appropriate content.

Additionally, Google TV benefits from a wide range of available apps as well as the proven features of Google Cast and Google Assistant. Connecting smartphones and tablets to the television has never been easier, and voice command control opens up completely new possibilities for interacting with the TV.

With Google TV, television becomes a personalized and entertaining experience that redefines the future of streaming.

Toshiba and VIDAA Introduce Innovative Smart TV Series

With great pleasure, the partnership between Toshiba and VIDAA International is announced, enabling us to continuously offer customers the latest technologies and features. The proven smart TV series, equipped with VIDAA OS, promises a simple yet powerful user experience with access to a variety of streaming apps and services.

What is VIDAA? VIDAA International is an established company that produces a smart TV operating system used as the primary OS on televisions from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). VIDAA OS provides an intuitive user interface with access to a wide range of streaming apps and services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and much more. The operating system was developed to enable a seamless user experience and offers features like voice control, customizable home screens, and content recommendations. VIDAA OS is also one of the main operating systems for Toshiba TVs.

The longstanding collaboration with VIDAA International brings a unique user experience that increases overall user engagement within the application. The VIDAA U6 series offers intuitive operation and a wide range of content, including over 150 OTA, cable, satellite, DTV, or streaming content. With VIDAA U6, users can create multiple profiles to better manage their accounts and TV experience. The VIDAA app simplifies TV setup and account management and supports over 23 languages worldwide.

The global launch of the new VIDAA U6 series began in June 2022. Toshiba TV and VIDAA International will continue to work closely together to ensure continuous support and regular updates. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to offer our customers a tailored TV experience, and we look forward to the future of this successful partnership.

Fire TV: Rediscover Streaming with Vestel

Vestel introduces an exciting innovation in streaming with Fire TV. This innovative platform provides access to a wide range of streaming apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, WOW, and Disney+, as well as a variety of channels for movies, live TV, music, and more. With the new main menu, instant access to all favorite content is possible, while personalized streaming with individual profiles and intuitive voice control through Alexa take the streaming experience to a new level.

Kids+ allows seamless continuation where you left off, providing a child-friendly environment for entertaining and safe content. Moreover, effortlessly connect the TV to other smart home devices to simplify life and create seamless integration.

Fire TV offers an enhanced TV experience that is seamless and personalized. The user experiences a world of streaming tailored to their preferences and needs, discovering a variety of content in an easy-to-use interface. The user immerses into the world of streaming and experiences entertainment like never before with Fire TV from Vestel.

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