Vestel Introduces Germany's First Smart TVs Powered by TiVo™

Vestel Introduces Germany's First Smart TVs Powered by TiVo™

Consumer electronics leader Vestel today announces Germany’s first smart TVs Powered by TiVo™, the company that brings entertainment together and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc, are now available to buy.

As a leader in the field of consumer electronics, Vestel announces today that Germany's first Smart TVs Powered by TiVo™ are now available in stores. TiVo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc., brings 25 years of industry experience and now brings its advanced technology to consumers' living rooms. The Smart TVs Powered by TiVo™ offer seamless access to a wide range of content via streaming services, live TV, and on-demand platforms. This content is tailored to the individual preferences of viewers, ensuring a personalized TV experience. The models, available in sizes ranging from 32" to 75" inches, combine state-of-the-art OS technology with an elegant and slim design. Key features and benefits include:

  • Enhanced Content Search: TiVo's powerful content search allows viewers to easily find, watch, and enjoy favorite shows, movies, and music. The system reduces search time and enhances the TV experience.

  • Personalized User Experience: TiVo's AI-powered platform learns from user preferences to recommend content. It ensures that recommendations become more accurate and relevant over time. Users personalize their entertainment experience through a combination of curated lists, current trends, and their individual taste profiles.

  • Voice Control and Search*: With industry-leading voice control, users can tell their TV what they're looking for. TiVo helps them find it quickly and easily.

  • Seamless Integration: Viewers don't have to worry about how to access their favorite content. With a wide range of streaming services and apps, users enjoy an all-in-one entertainment solution without additional devices.

  • Cutting-edge Design: The Smart TVs, available in sizes from 32" to 75" inches, combine state-of-the-art OS technology with an elegant and slim design.

  • Content-First Approach: It enables effortless and targeted access to the most popular live and on-demand shows and movies from global, regional, and local providers. "Together with Xperi, we unveil the future of entertainment for German TV viewers. 

TiVo OS offers a completely new level of personalization and content discovery," says Taner Ayilmaz, Managing Director of Vestel Holland B.V.Germany Branch Office. "Gone are the days of wasting hours every week searching for a suitable TV program. The new Smart TVs offer an advanced, AI-powered user experience for quick access to a vast amount of content." 

"TVs Powered by TiVo offer an excellent entertainment ecosystem with an unbiased, content-focused user experience. It fully integrates hybrid live TV and streaming services," says Gabriel Cosgrave, General Manager EMEA at Xperi. "From easy setup to award-winning natural voice navigation and AI-powered recommendations - TiVo OS is changing the way content is consumed. The new Smart TVs from Vestel stand out for their seamless access to content compared to the competition." 

*Voice search is only available for selected models.

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